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Transforming Trauma through Music Therapy

At the root of many performance-related disorders are suppressed emotions associated with unresolved trauma. Watch Dr. Montello’s recent presentation on "Transforming Trauma through Psychodynamic Music Therapy" and find out how you too can transform fear into power through Essential Musical Intelligence.

Three Level Certificate Training Program

The Three-Level Certificate Training Program in Performance Wellness offers you a creative, clinically-proven systematic approach to diagnosing and treating performance-related disorders. Click here to learn more about becoming a Certified Performance Wellness Trainer - perfect for life coaches who specialize in Performance and Creativity Coaching.

NEW Master Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking anxiety ranks among American’s top fears, affecting more people than flying, terrorism, and for some, even death. We have crafted a method to completely eradicate your public speaking anxiety once and for all. Click here for rapid relief.

NEW PW Online Course

Learn the proven Performance Wellness approach in the comfort of your own home in this 13-week online course. Complete with videos from the live PW trainings, Powerpoint presentations with voiceovers and weekly home practice charts, this course will help you to systematically transform stress, maximize your creative potential, and regain the original joy of sharing your gifts with others.

The Power of Essential Musical Intelligence

In her award-winning book, Dr. Montello integrates eastern and western music/sound healing approaches and provides effective tools for healing and integrating all five levels of human functioning. Safely transform unresolved trauma through a systematic 6-step healing process which has transformed the lives of thousands of people the world over. Click here to read the NY Times book review.